Reasonably Angry Links 23 August 2011

So, I’ve been MIA for about a month because I have been on vacation back where I went to college, in the awesome U.P. of Michigan. Just rolled back into town last week and started a new job, so posting may be sparse for a while but for today I am BACK.

First up, some humor before all of the doom and gloom of the news:

lol, lady sex jokes

Now for the aforementioned doom and gloom:

In Texas, a Judge issued an order forbidding a father from allowing his children to have any contact, alone, with other men. Can you guess why? Well, here’s a hint: the father is gay and married to his partner, who lives with him. That order couldn’t possibly be targeting him because of his orientation, now could it? /sarcasm

By narrowing the criteria beyond just identifying as a bisexual male, scientists were able to show that bisexual men are indeed aroused by both genders/sexes. Dan Savage has some interesting commentary about the study as well, which I am sure will arouse the ire of some bisexuals since he asserts that what the study did was eliminate “fake” bisexuals, who are identifying with the label as a transition mechanism on the path to full gayness. Having watched more than one gay man do just that, I don’t find Dan’s comments troubling, just honest. Of course, it would be a problem if people assumed that all bisexual men were not actually bisexual, but gay instead, which is a legitimate concern given the suspicion many bisexuals face in the community.

Boy oh boy do Christian’s hate it when the truth claims of their religion aren’t treated with extra special care. Particularly enjoy how showing the invalidity and unlikeliness of those claims is “intolerance.” Teachers shouldn’t be obligated to tolerate nonsense with no evidence to back it up.

Unsurprisingly, another powerful man escapes accountability: DSK rape case was dismissed today.

Larry King’s trial is finally coming to a close. It has been heartbreaking to follow, especially since the only defense offered was to blame the victim for being gay and gender variant. For more on the case you can see my piece on the trial and the media’s inadequate treatment of it here.

As Blag Hag said about a similar story, this makes me want to ragequit the world. An underage girl was, by all appearances, raped twice by a classmate and punished by the school for it. They claimed the first time that she made up the rape and suspended her, as well as (allegedly) making her write and deliver an apology letter to the perpetrator.

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Raised by fundamentalist Christians in almost total isolation in the Ozark mountains (allowances were made for church and the library), Elsa somehow found her way to Miami. She thinks a lot about this messed up world and how to take part in fixing it, the scourge of writing catchy bios, and whether gifs should constitute the entirety of text message conversations.
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