Reasonably Angry Links 08 July 2011

Hazel discovers the last name of the couple who took her apartment

An interview with one of my favorite webcomic artists, Danielle Corsetto, the creator of “Girls with Slingshots.”

Re “The Elevator Guy”/ Dawkins debacle: For the guys who still don’t get it, even after Rebecca Watson, Jen McCreight, Amanda Marcotte, and Melissa McEwan explained it, here is a little thought experiment for you.

Ms has an excellent, encouraging interview up with Joyce McFadden, the author of Your Daughter’s Bedroom: Insights for Raising Confident Women, a book on developing and encouraging healthy sexuality in daughters. I want to buy it based on this quote from her interview alone:

I think the most important thing, by far, is beginning to talk about sexuality simply and naturally when she’s a toddler, so that right off the bat, she knows it’s part of a dialogue the two of you can have. Keeping her ignorant about the fundamentals of her own body will set the stage for shame and guilt over her sexuality as she ages.

This article on Frederick Douglass really lays out the complexities inherent in being “proud” of the U.S. while at the same time recognizing the incredible atrocities committed here in the name of freedom. And also being aware of the hypocrisy in our history: our founders enshrined freedom into our constitution while holding onto slaves as property. Whitewashing this ugliness only guarantees we will continue to perpetuate such horrors.

The war on abortion, and reproductive rights in general, is broken down state by state in this excellent NPR article.

Latoya Peterson wrote an insightful article over at Racialicious on spanking, bringing up how the spanking debate rarely considers different types of home life specific to race and class which color the choices parents make. I am a pretty hard-line anti-spanking advocate; I think that laying a hand on a child is by definition a form of abuse, and I have my own, very personal reasons for that stance, but Peterson’s article definitely gave me pause. I will definitely consider this issue in a more complex way than before.

This is good news:

The Department of Health and Human Services plans to include health data on sexual orientation and gender identity-related issues in the National Health Interview Survey, HHS announced Wednesday.

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Raised by fundamentalist Christians in almost total isolation in the Ozark mountains (allowances were made for church and the library), Elsa somehow found her way to Miami. She thinks a lot about this messed up world and how to take part in fixing it, the scourge of writing catchy bios, and whether gifs should constitute the entirety of text message conversations.
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